Pancreas is organ and gland, located in abdomen behind stomach. It has both endocrine and digestive exocrine function.


Sudden inflammation of Pancreas due to various causes.

What are the common causes of Acute Pancreatitis?

Two main causes are:


Other causes are:

  • • High Triglyceride content
  • • High calcium content
  • • Drugs
  • • Autoimmune diseases
  • • Certain genetic matching
  • • Pancreatic duct anomalies
  • • Unknown causes

What are the common signs and symptoms of Acute Pancreatitis?

Sudden and severe pain abdomen radiating to back associated with Nausea or Vomiting. In 15-20% of Cases, it effects multiple organs like kidney, lung and intestine. Patient may require ICU admission in few conditions. In few cases, this may be life threatening.

What is the treatment for Acute Pancreatitis?

Supportive treatment to prevent multi organ failure:

  • • Fasting
  • • Pain killers
  • • Intravenous fluids
  • • Oxygen supplementation
  • • Patient may need dialysis support in case of kidney injury
  • • Antibiotics, if infection

To prevent recurrent attack-

  • • Avoid Alcohol
  • • Gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy), if Gall stones present
  • • Specific treatment for high Triglyceride level or high calcium level

When do patient need SURGERY in Acute Pancreatitis?

Surgery can be done depending upon clinical condition of patient. Pancreatic Necrosectomy and drainage – removal of necrotic tissue and drainage.