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Stomach Ulcer Treatment in Hyderabad

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Stomach Ulcers are open sores that develop in the inner lining of the stomach and the upper portion of the small intestine. Peptic ulcer includes Gastric ulcer and Duodenal ulcer. Although Gastritis and Gastric ulcer are separate issues, their causes and symptoms are fairly similar.

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What is Stomach ulcer?

Diagram showing Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcers or Gastric ulcers are a common and often painful issue that affects the digestive tract of millions of people around the world. They form on the inner lining of the stomach which leads to discomfort, indigestion, and, in severe cases, life-threatening complications. The inner lining of the stomach acts as a protective barrier against the harsh acid produced in the stomach, but various factors can compromise this defense, and lead to the formation of ulcers.

Ulcers can form in different regions of the stomach, such as the lesser curvature, greater curvature, or antrum. Understanding the anatomy of gastric ulcers lays the foundation for properly understanding their causes and potential complications.

Which factors can lead to Stomach Ulcers?

What are the common symptoms of Stomach Ulcers?

How is Stomach Ulcer diagnosed?

Proper diagnosis is crucial for timely and effective management of stomach ulcers. The various methods used by professionals to diagnose stomach ulcers are:

What are the options for Stomach Ulcer Treatment in Hyderabad?

A multi-pronged approach, aiming to eradicate H. Pylori infection, reduce stomach acid production, alleviate symptoms, and to promote healing, is typically used in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Can Stomach Ulcers be treated with surgical interventions?

In rare cases, treatment through surgical procedures may be required to manage complications or persistent ulcers that do not go away after using other treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions you might have about Stomach Ulcers

Yes, stomach ulcers are generally not directly linked to cancer. However, long-lasting ulcers caused by a bacterial infection called H. pylori or excessive use of certain pain relievers might slightly increase the risk of stomach cancer over time. Most ulcers can be treated and don’t turn into cancer. It’s essential to manage ulcers through proper medical care and lifestyle changes to avoid complications.

The time it takes for a stomach ulcer to heal varies. Small ulcers might get better in a few weeks with the right treatment, which can include medicines to reduce stomach acid and antibiotics if there’s an infection. Larger ulcers might take a few months to heal completely. It’s important to follow your doctor’s advice, take your medications as prescribed, and make healthy lifestyle changes. Avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, and smoking can also help the healing process. If your symptoms persist or worsen, it’s best to talk to your doctor for proper guidance.

Yes, certain foods can make stomach ulcers worse. Spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and caffeinated drinks can increase stomach acid production and irritate the ulcer. Alcohol and smoking can also slow down the healing process. It’s a good idea to avoid these foods and substances if you have an ulcer. Instead, opt for foods that are gentle on your stomach, like bland grains, lean proteins, and non-citrus fruits. Eating smaller meals throughout the day and not eating close to bedtime can also help manage ulcer symptoms. Always consult your doctor for personalized advice.

Yes, stomach ulcers can cause bleeding. The ulcer’s irritation and erosion of the stomach lining can lead to small blood vessels getting damaged, resulting in bleeding. When ulcers bleed, it can cause symptoms like dark or bloody stools, vomiting blood that looks like coffee grounds, or feeling weak and dizzy. Bleeding ulcers can be serious, so it’s important to seek medical attention if you experience these symptoms. Doctors can diagnose the cause of bleeding and provide appropriate treatment to stop the bleeding and help the ulcer heal.

Surgery for a stomach ulcer is generally not the first option. Most ulcers can be treated with medications to reduce stomach acid, antibiotics if there’s an infection, and lifestyle changes. Surgery is considered if the ulcer causes severe bleeding, doesn’t heal with medication, perforates the stomach wall, or if there’s a risk of cancer.

Stomach Ulcer Treatment in Hyderabad

Dr. K V Dinesh Reddy

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He has treated hundreds of patients with gastrointestinal disorders and has built a positive relationship with them. Dr. Dinesh and his team of gastroenterology specialists strive to provide quality treatments to those in need. 

He strongly believes that surgery should only be considered as a last resort and prefers a holistic approach to treatment. He never recommends surgery if a disease can be treated entirely through the use of medications.