Liver is a largest organ situated in upper and right side of abdomen beneath diaphragm. It helps in digestion, storage and release of energy and removing poisons.
Liver Abscess


Collection of pus in liver

Two types:

  • • Bacterial liver abscess
  • • Amoebic liver abscess – most common type

What are the common causes of liver abscess?

  • • Malnourished patients
  • • Immunocompromised patients
  • • Alcohol or Toddy drinking

What are the common symptoms of liver abscess?

  • • Pain in right side of upper abdomen
  • • Fever with or without chills
  • • Jaundice
  • • Difficulty in breathing

How to diagnosis of liver abscess?

  • USG abdomen
  • CT Scan

How to diagnosis of liver abscess?

Majority of cases can be treated conservatively without any major intervention. Antibiotics. USG guided pus aspiration or pus drainage using Pigtail catheter. Surgery indicated in case of ruptured Liver abscess for complete removal of Pus.